Valentin Doli

Valentin Doli

Propagation phenomena of fungal plant parasites, by coupling of spatial diffusion and sexual reproduction

Thesis started 2014 - Defended in december 22th
Funding: MESR + ARED
Direction: François Castella, Frédéric Hamelin


Abstract :

We consider organisms that mix sexual and asexual reproduction, in a situation where sexual reproduction involves both spatial dispersion and mate finding limitation. We propose a model that involves two coupled equations, the first one being an ordinary differential equation of logistic type, the second one being a reaction diffusion equation. According to realistic values of the various coefficients, the second equation turns out to involve a fast time scale, while the first one involves a separated slow time scale. First we show existence and uniqueness of solutions to the original system. Second, in the limit where the fast time scale is considered infinitely fast, we show the convergence towards a reduced quasi steady state dynamics, whose correctors can be computed at any order. Third, using monotonicity properties of our cooperative system, we show the existence of traveling wave solutions in a particular region of the parameter space (monostable case).

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