IGEPP's Technological Platforms

IGEPP can develop its research and projects thanks to six technological platforms.

Center of Plant Genetics Resources (BrACySol)
Goal: Maintenance, multiplication and diffusion of genetic resources of Brassica, Allium and Solanum.
Context: INRAE, Plant Genetics and Breeding Division.

Molecular Cytogenetics Platform (PCMV)
Goal: Cytogenetic characterization of interspecific hybrids or polyploid species, Understanding the genome structure in polyploid species, Fine physical mapping around locus of interest.
Context: INRAE (Plant Genetics and Breeding Division) and Biogenouest.

Metabolic Profiling and Metabolomic Platform (P2M2)
Goal: Targeted and untargeted analysis of plant metabolic products addressing both primary and secondary phytochemicals.  metabolic phenotyping for plant resistance to pathogens or tolerance to abiotic stress, to functional genomic approach of plant nutrition, defence or quality for nutritional or industrial uses.
Context: Biogenouest.

Goal: To assist high-throughput preparation of DNA and PCR.
Context: IGEPP internal platform.

Greenhouses and Experimental Devices
Goal: to provide scientific programs with healthy and infected plant material.
Context: IGEPP internal platform.

Information System for Insect Pests (IPAA)
Goal: to assist agroecosystem insect genomics programs.
Context: INRAE (Environment and Plant Health Division), and INRIA partnership.


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