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IGEPP's Metabolic Profiling and Metabolomic Platform (P2M2)

Some activities of the P2M2 Platform
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IGEPP's Metabolic Profiling and Metabolomic Platform is mainly dedicated to the targeted and untargeted analysis of plant metabolic products addressed to both primary and secondary phytochemicals. Analytical facilities are assigned to research programs devoted to metabolic phenotyping for plant resistance to pathogens or tolerance to abiotic stress, to functional genomic approach of plant nutrition, defence or quality for nutritional or industrial uses.

A wide array of analytical facilities is found on the platform including chromatographic (LC and GC) devices coupled with a wide range of detectors: UV-Vis, fluorescent, DAD, refractometer, FID, MS (Q-Tof, TQD, IT-MS).

The analytical skills and competences developed by the P2M2 platform provide in-depth qualitative and quantitative analyses for a wide range of metabolite classes, extracted from different plant matrices: volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fatty acids, carbohydrates, alcohols and polyalcohols, phenolic and polyphenolic compounds, amino-acids, amines and polyamines, organic acids, alkaloids, terpenes...

Beside the targeted approach, unsupervised metabolomic investigations are proposed together with chemometric and statistical processing of data.








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