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The BrACySol Biological Resource Center maintains and characterizes genetic resource collections of different cultivated species: Brassica (cabbage, turnip, rapeseed and mustard), Allium (shallot, garlic), Cynara (artichoke) and Solanum (potato and related species). These collections contain different type of material that can be distributed, on request, to our network partners, to the national or international scientific community, to breeders, or to the public.

The BrACySol Biological Resource Center manages three species specific national networks: the ‘Cole Crops’ network, the ‘Brassica oilseed crops’ network, and the potato network. It participates to the Cynara network which is managed by GEVES Cavaillon. Private stakeholders contribute to these networks.

The BrACySol Biological Resource Center belongs to the national network of plant BRC and to the network of BRC from Brittany.

The BrACySol Biological Resource Center takes part in the European ECP/GR network (Allium, Brassica and Potato working groups).

The BrACySol Biological Resource Center has obtained the IBISA certification.


Brassica: Vincent Richer (

Allium: Florence Esnault (

Cynara: Dominique Kermarrec (

Solanum: Jean-Eric Chauvin (

Experimental facilities

Brassica accessions are conserved as seeds in freezers. Seed production is performed in the field or in greenhouses. Seed batches are renewed every 10 – 15 years, according to the germination rate of the seeds.

Allium accessions are conserved as bulbs, Cynara accessions as plants and Solanum accessions as tubers or in vitro plantlets. All these accessions are vegetatively propagated in the field, in greenhouses, on a platform and/or in vitro.

Cryopreservation facilities are also available. 



Greenhouses and platform


Storage facilities


5,000 m2

8,500 m2

8 freezers


800 m2

480 m2

Warehouse: 120 m2



250 m2


2 ha

1,500 m2

3 in vitro
growth rooms

Cold storage:
950 m3

Species Brassica

Number of accessions: Coles, 1 050 accessions;

Rapeseed, 3 700 accessions

Contact: Vincent Richer

Phone: (+33) 2 29 62 63 23



Species Allium

Number of accessions: 480 accessions

Contact: Florence Esnault

Phone: (+33) 2 29 62 63 17


Species Cynara

Number of accessions: 29 accessions

Contact: Dominique Kermarrec

Phone: (+33) 2 29 62 63 28


Species Solanum

Number of accessions: 13 400 accessions

Contact: Jean-Eric Chauvin

Phone: (+33) 2 29 62 63 16


SecureBracysol: Improvement of the securing process of the Brassica and Solanum collections in the BrACySol BRC (funded by GIS IBISA)

  • WP1: Cryopreservation of potato accessions
  • WP2: Cryopreservation of Brassica accessions
  • WP3: Molecular fingerprinting of the potato varieties present in the collections
  • WP4: Analysis of the genetic drift in the Brassica populations

LDPot: Linkage disequilibrium analysis in potato (funded by metaprogramme SELGEN)

The objective of this project is to investigate LD patterns in potato by analysing a collection of breeding lines originating from different research programs.

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