BrACySol Biological Resource Center


The BrACySol Biological Resource Center maintains and characterizes around 20,000 accessions in genetic resource collections of various cultivated genera: Brassica (cabbage, turnip, rapeseed and mustard), Allium (shallot and garlic) and Solanum (potato and related species). These collections contain different types of material that can be distributed on request to BRC partners, to the national or international scientific community, to breeders or private individuals. 

Experimental facilities

The BrACySol BRC benefits from the experimental facilities of IGEPP Research Unit (10,000 m2 of greenhouse or outdoor platform, culture chambers, cryocontainers and freezers) and relies on the RGCO Experimental Unit (2.5 ha of field, 750 m2 of greenhouse, 950 m3 of cold storage room) to maintain and characterize these collections.

Brassica accessions are stored as seeds in freezers or in cryocontainers. Seeds are produced in open fields or greenhouses. Seed lots are renewed every 10 to 15 years, depending on their germination rate.

Allium accessions are maintained as bulbs and Solanum accessions as tubers, in vitro plantlets or cryopreserved shoot tips. All these accessions are propagated vegetatively in the field, in greenhouses, on an outdoor platform and/or in vitro.

Access conditions

The Biological Resources available from the BrACySol BRC can be viewed on the Siregal or Florilège web portals ( Orders can be made directly from the Siregal web portal ( ). For genetic resources not listed on the web portals (research collections) or in the event of a specific request, applicants may contact the collection managers at any time using the addresses below.

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