Genotyping Platform

Genotyping Platform

Some activities of the Genotyping Platform

A pipeline for DNA extraction, PCR reaction preparation and PCR amplification for plants, microbes and pests.

The Genotyping Platform is internal to IGEPP and matches the demands of IGEPP teams and scientific programs.



DNA extraction robot
  • CybiR-Selma, 96-heads (Cybio)
PCR reaction robots
  • Robot for DNA and PCR mix distribution: Biomek NXP, 96-heads (Beckman Coulter)  
  • Robot for PCR product dilution or pooling: Zephir, 384-heads (Caliper LifeSciences)
PCR machines
  • Three C1000tm Thermal cyclers (Biorad):  2 blocs with 96-wells and 1 and bloc with 384 wells  
  • Nine  S1000tm Thermal cyclers (Biorad): 3 blocs with 96-wells , 5 blocs with 384-wells and 1 bloc with 2*48 wells  
  • Two PTC-100 (MJ Research), bloc with 96-wells  
  • One  PTC-200 (MJ Research), bloc with 2*48 wells  
  • two PTC-225  (MJ Research), 4 blocs with 384 wells and 4 blocs with 96 wells
qPCR machine
  • One LightCycler  480 II (Roche), blocs 96 or 384
  • DNA sequencer
  • One 3130xl Genetic Analyser (Applied Biosystems), 16 capillaries
DNA quantification
  • One spectrophotometer  PHERAstarFS (BMG LABTECH)

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