Molecular Cytogenetics Platform (PCMV)

Molecular Cytogenetics Platform (PCMV)

Some research topics of the Molecular Cytogenetics Platform (PCMV)

Domains of expertise and Services offered

INRAE's Plant Breeding and Genetics Division has established a Molecular Cytogenetics Platform with the aim of pooling technical resources, investment and skills. This platform located at the IGEPP research unit in Rennes-Le Rheu meets the expectations of our own teams and teams from other laboratories. The Molecular Cytogenetics Platform provides an infrastructure to support research projects that develop molecular cytogenetic technologies on different plants species (Brassica, Wheat, Tomato, Cotton, Grapevine, Lolium, Lupinus, etc.) for:

  • The cytogenetic characterization of interspecific hybrids or polyploids species
  • Understanding the genome structures in polyploids species
  • Fine physical maps around locus of interest


Techniques and Examples of application

  • Localisation of repeated sequences on chromosomes by Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH),
  • Genomic In Situ Hybridization (GISH) to characterize the parental genome in the interspecific hybrids or polyploids species,
  • Physical mapping of BAC clones on mitotic or meiotic chromosomes,
  • BAC-FISH on nuclear fiber to identify sequence rearrangements or gaps in sequencing projects (BAC Fiber-FISH

Access Policy

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Acceptance and feasibility of projects are evaluated by the core facility managers in accordance with the scientific committee.


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