Improvement of transformation techniques

Improvement of transformation techniques (ARTIST)

Call for scientific projects BAP. Theme: promoting translational research (EnjS2)
  • 3,5 yeas program (2021-2023)
  • 11k€ 
  • Coordinators:  Marianne Mazier (INRAE-GAFL) et Laura Chauvin (INRAE –IGEPP)
  • Contact:


Genetic transformation is an essential tool for gene validation. There are still several obstacles to the implementation of these techniques in different species. One of these is the recalcitrance of certain plants to Agrobacterium tumefaciens. An alternative way of getting around this is to use so-called direct gene transfer techniques such as protoplast transfection and biolistics. Another obstacle is the difficulty of moving from undifferentiated cells (i.e. transformed callus) to organs (leaf, root) with the establishment of meristematic structures. Our project aims to remove these obstacles in a general and multi-species manner, by relying on the complementary skills of the GAFL and IGEPP teams in terms of techniques, expertise and species.


In the ARTIST project, we will develop direct gene transfer systems on the different species (tomato, pepper, melon, prunus, potato, rape and pea) with the objective of establishing transformed cell cultures oriented towards regeneration. To solve differentiation problems, we will develop transient expression systems for meristematic genes and growth/differentiation factors. These two approaches are complementary and strongly intertwined, since improved gene transfer will allow more precise and efficient introduction and expression of meristematic genes, and the expected action of these genes, once their expression is well controlled, will help regeneration in plants, particularly from protoplast-type cell systems and derived callus.
The implementation of these approaches on a panel of species makes it possible to cover different levels of recalcitrance. The results obtained on the most advanced species will be transposed to species that are more difficult. The synergy generated by the collaboration between the two teams will make it possible to better identify the nature of the difficulties specific and to design solutions to remedy them.


  • UMR IGEPP- Equipes RD, DEBI
  • UMR UGAFL-Equipes DADI, ReDD

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