Lavaud Clément

Lavaud Clément

Diversity and combination of action mechanisms of Aphanomyces root rot resistance QTL in pea

Thesis started octobre 1st, 2012, defended october 29th, 2015
Fund: INRA-Région Bretagne
Direction: Marie-Laure Pilet-Nayel and Régine Delourme


The thesis aims at analysing the diversity of effects and action mechanisms of main QTL controlling resistance to Aphanomyces euteiches in pea, in order to identify the best combinations of QTL for increasing levels of partial resistance. Effects and action mechanisms of individual or combined QTL will be estimated in different genetic backgrounds, by genotyping QTL-NILs (near-isogenic lines) using high-density SNP markers and by phenotyping the NILs for resistance on whole plant and for components of resistance corresponding to different phases of A.euteiches life cycle.

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