Articles 2018

Articles 2018

Articles published in 2018

Aigu Y., Laperche A., Mendes J., Lariagon C., Guichard S., Gravot A. & Manzanares‐Dauleux M. J. (2018). Nitrogen supply exerts a major/minor switch between two QTL controlling Plasmodiophora brassicae spore content in rapeseed. Plant Pathology, 67(7), 1574-1581. DOI

Aissiou F., Laperche A., Falentin C., Lodé M., Deniot G., Boutet G., Régnier F., Trotoux G., Huteau V., Coriton O., Rousseau-Gueutin M., Abrous O., Chèvre A. M. & Hadj-Arab H. (2018). A novel Brassica rapa L. genetic diversity found in Algeria. Euphytica, 214(12), 241. DOI

Blary A., Gonzalo A., Eber F., Bérard A., Bergès H., Bessoltane N., Charif D., Charpentier C., Cromer L., Fourment J., Genevriez C., Le Paslier M.-C., Lodé M., Lucas M.-O., Nesi N., Lloyd A., Chèvre A.-M. & Jenczewski E. (2018). FANCM Limits Meiotic Crossovers in Brassica Crops. Frontiers in Plant Science, 9(368). DOI

Delourme R., Laperche A., Bouchet A.-S., Jubault M., Paillard S., Manzanares-Dauleux M. J., & Nesi N. (2018). Genes and Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping for Major Agronomic Traits in Brassica napus L. In S. Liu, R. Snowdon, & B. Chalhoub (Eds.), The Brassica napus Genome (pp. 41-85). Cham: Springer International Publishing. DOI

Goulitquer S., Croyal M., Lalande J., Royer A. L., Guitton Y., Arzur D., Durand S., Le Jossic-Corcos C., Bouchereau A., Potin P., Akoka S., Antignac J. P., Krempf M., Ferchaud-Roucher V., Giraudeau P. & Corcos L. (2018). Consequences of blunting the mevalonate pathway in cancer identified by a pluriomics approach. Cell Death & Disease, 9. DOI

Hatzig S., Breuer F., Nesi N., Ducournau S., Wagner M.-H., Leckband G., Abbadi A. & Snowdon R. J. (2018). Hidden Effects of Seed Quality Breeding on Germination in Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.). Frontiers in Plant Science, 9(419). DOI

Jasinski S., Chardon F., Nesi N., Lécureuil A. & Guerche P. (2018). Improving seed oil and protein content in Brassicaceae: some new genetic insights from Arabidopsis thaliana. OCL - Oleagineux, Corps Gras, Lipides, 25(6). DOI

Sorin C., Mariette F., Musse M., Leport L., Cruz F. & Yvin J. C. (2018). Leaf Development Monitoring and Early Detection of Water Deficiency by Low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation in Nicotiana tabacum Plants. Applied Sciences-Basel, 8(6). DOI

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